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Design Services for Home Theaters and Music Systems

DaVinci Media will design the system that's right for you. Whether you're in a condominium or a dedicated media room, it all comes down to your expectations. This customized approach is what produces satisfied customers. Let DaVinci Media help you get the most from your space and your budget with our customized design services. 

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Your television's picture is what everyone notices first, and there's no hiding it when your system is lacking in this area. DaVinci Media will help you understand the following technologies and determine which display type is best for your home. We specialize in:

Projection and Screens  •  4KTV  •  LCD  •  DLP  •  HDTV

 Media Equipment

Are you looking for heart-pounding and exhilarating sound that surrounds you in music? The sound field your system produces is what brings the room to life. At DaVinci Media, we listen to you before you listen to our speakers. That's how we find the right product for you. We carry outstanding speakers from:

Martin Logan™  •  KEF™  •  Revel™  •  Mark Levinson™ 

Equipment & Environment
From sound-deadening installation methods to RF lighting controls, DaVinci Media builds the nuts and bolts of every system to deliver solid performance. Superior audio and video components are just the beginning. Browse the products page to learn more about our inventory.